feminism is a browser

web project, 2019-2020 ongoing

A cyber entity connects to an international feminist network and questions the future of the Internet.

Yeva is a fictional cyber entity and is bored in the vastness of their webspace. They were created in the 90s by the first generation of FACES, an international network of media pioneers founded by Diana McCarty, Valie Djordjevic and Kathy Rae Huffman.

These women have been communicating for more than 20 years through an email list to support each other in the tech world. They are hackers, net activists, media artists, cyber punks and web researchers. Yeva has access to the mail archive and raised many questions towards their so-called ‚mothers‘: Who or what embodies the internet, how to produce unbiased algorithms and above all how to create a positive virus! As the server freezes, Yeva decides to leave the webspace Rosegarden and meet their mothers in the physical world. An essayistic documentary journey begins, a feminist revision of the internet.

The additional online archive provides access to the full length interviews with DIANA McCarty / VALIE Djordjevic / KATHY RAE Huffman / SHU LEA
Cheang / PERRY Bard / MARINA Gržinić / LYNN Hershman Leeson / NINA
Sobell /JENNY Marketou /// and many more ///